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Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

The Book ✯✯✯✯✯

Where in the galaxy should I actually start with this one? It kept me company on a big move my family made across the company and shattered through my reading slump like a supernova.

Kaufman and Kristoff always know what they're doing when they link up to bring us another series, and the Aurora Chronicles are no different. It is action-packed, with believable circumstances and science fiction to The Fold. 

Our team, though, is what made this absolutely the best read of 2019 for me. Because they basically made me feel things for each of them that I would in real world interactions.

Cat-- Girl, c'mon. You're Zero. You're the best Ace the Accademy has ever seen. Get over yourself with your jealousy and all-around pissyness. But thanks, K&K for making her arch amazing.

Tyler--Believable, strong, swoon worthy, an everything you'd want your sons to become.He was steady, but he reacted like any soldier would.

Scarlet-- She was a brilliant political attachment to the squad, and I appreciated she was Tyler's twin.

Kal--Oh you sweet Vulcan-esque elf-like thing. You just need a girl to fix, or accept, your nature.

Auri-- While sympathy abounds for her, I didn't particularly attach myself to her in the negative or the positive. Hopefully this will change since, you know, she's the freaking catalyst that starts the novel. 

Zila--Quiet, unassuming, sociopath, and kept her head down until she was needed.

Finn-- The best for last. Finn was my MAN, er, alien male? He was bloody hilarious throughout and always quipped something at the right time to relieve tension without breaking the action. In fact, several times while I wasn't driving my husband would ask what passage had just made me giggle. And it was always dialog with Finn.

Multiple POVs, one big baddie out to destroy everything we know, and the definition of squad goals. Whether you're into sci-fi or not, this one will bridge the gap for people that adore the above.


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