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A Conspiracy of Stars by Olivia A Cole

The Book ✯✯✯

I have been in a book slump, and while A Conspiracy of Stars was good enough to encourage me to finish, it wasn't quite enough to get me out of the slump.

This one is sloooooooow. It is remissive of original science fiction that takes all the time to build the world, and have very little action until the very end. If I had been in the mood for this, it would have been perfect. Flaovi is a beautiful described planet and the people and animals are as colorful as you'd expect. The humans that have landed and colonized are diverse in their names, their color descriptions, and their sexuality. For all these things, Cole created a beautiful world to dive into.

Unfortunately, the twist was incredibly easy to see coming, the big baddie seemed very one-dimensional, and the divide between her parents looked like teen angst until it wasn't. While I enjoyed Octavia and how she interacted with the world in a scientific and detached way, it just wasn't enough to save this one for me.

However, if you love slow stories, with a knack for beautiful world building, this one is most certainly for you.


  1. Shucks - we have all been there - hope your next read knocks your socks off

  2. Sorry to hear this was a bit of a miss. I hope your next read is enough to beat your book slump.
    Gemma @ Gemma's Book Nook

  3. I'm not a lover of slow books. Every now and again one works but most don't. Great review.


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