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An Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

The Book ✯✯✯✯✯

Maas. Is. A. Genius. I have always enjoyed her books, and it took me entirely too long to get around to reading the Throne of Glass series. Clocking in around 700 pages a piece, this is no small-scope fantasy. 

Crafted with twists, action, and romance this is easily the best so far in the series. While I still have to read Tower of Dawn and Kingdom of Ashes I am now eagerly moving along in the series because it is just that well done.

We continue to follow Aelin through the treacherous waters of gaining allies for the final battle to come. While it looks hopeless, never underestimate her cunning mind and ability to plan, because everything falls into place beautifully for her--minus her incredible sacrifice at the end. And Tolkien-esque power of friendship is never to be forgotten within her court of people.

Basically, everyone should read this series.

For the record, though, it certainly has some mature themes and elements.


  1. I wouldn't say, that I am a big fan of this genre, but, this book is definitely worth reading. I recommend everybody to buy it.


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