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Thunderlight by Adrienne Woods

The Book ✯✯✯✯

Woods continued to hook me. Just like the first book in the series, it could have done with a couple of edits (i.e. an entire chapter was copied and pasted?) but it was still engaging. I thoroughly enjoy the world that Elena now lives in, and Thunderlight gave us the beautiful gift of seeing more of how it functions. 

But where the world building was phenomenal, the character arcs and plot suffered. I'm starting to get frustrated with it seeming like the rules of this beautifully imaged world are only explained so that are super-special, anything-but-normal Elena can break them. If I can get past this, I'll probably continue to enjoy this series (and I did jump right into reading the next one.)

Hallelujah, the ship from the first book sunk! I wanted it to sink so freaking badly, but I really, really, really didn't want it sunk like that. Break my heart, why don't you?
(End Spoiler)

In all, the world has me enthralled, and I will continue reading the series, but Thunderlight wasn't as engaging as the first or as well plotted as the third that I am currently reading.


  1. LOL, hope your heart has mended ;)

  2. Editing is a serious pet peeve of mine but glad you still enjoyed the series :)

  3. Haha wonderful review! I am glad you enjoyed it!


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