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2017 Year In Review

Thanks to GoodReads I had the perfect place to keep track of my reading this year.

As 2017 comes to a close, I figured it was time to announce I squashed my reading goal of 52 books (read: a book a week) completing the year with 72 books read. That is a total of 18,920 pages read. And, if I'm being totally honest, that's just what I started counting in June when I started this crazy little endeavor. Y'all, I really do promise I have a life outside of my books, tea, and couch. Out of all the wonderful books I've read this year though, I have a Top 5 list that deserves a spotlight.

Note: The titles will link you to the full reviews. Affiliate links used: at no extra cost to you, I may earn a small percentage from your purchase. 


We begin with time traveling pirates. Stealing precious pieces of history for the black market at the cusp of disaster, the crew introduces us to the sinking of the Titanic, the Colosseum in all its gruesome splendor, and the modern Vegas in stunning first person.


For any mother that has been delivered news that your incredible, beautiful child isn't "typical." For any friend of that mother. Read. This. Book. 

For any mothers to incredible, beautiful, typical children that need to know they aren't alone when they feel like they've failed their child or that they aren't giving enough (when really they're giving it their all): you, too, will find this book rejuvenating. 


This book is brilliance in the best form. ALL of the supporting characters have diverse backgrounds, are their own people, and exist in the world because they are, not just to tell the story of the main character. The plot thickened easily, if predictably, and the descriptions of this world left me with movie-like images in my mind.


This gorgeous science fiction by Scott Reintgen is where Red RisingAvatarEnder's Game, and The Maze Runner meet. 

And the best book I read this year is...

Author of The Martian?! A massive heist on the friggin' moon?! A female lead that is just as snarky, intelligent, and hilarious as Mark Watney?! Count. Me. In.

I already have quite a few fantastic books lined up for early 2018 including Iron Gold (Pierce Brown), A Cornish Suspicion (Rena George), and What She Left (Rosie Fiore).

With that in mind, a ton of the books on my TBR--to be read--list are hundreds of pages long. So I figured a hefty reading goal for 2018 is the only way to start out the year right. Let's see what Book Ink Reviews can book for you this year with the goal of 140 books and 42,000 pages to conquer!


  1. Authors tend to avoid it due to trolls, but I rely on Goodreads to keep track of my reading.

  2. congratulations on a great reading year!

  3. Wow! What a goal :) I am aiming for am even 100. I like the idea of keeping track of pages too :) And wait...time traveling pirates? Count me in!

  4. Great choice of books and well done on smashing your Goodreads goal.


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