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Silent Night by Wendy Clarke

The Book

In a collection of short stories, Clarke provides us short windows of time into 13 families' lives around the holidays. Within a few pages, you become attached to each of her characters and truly hope for them to have merry Christmases. From step parents, divorced parents, single parents, empty nesters, newlyweds, soldiers in WWII, and more we see the holiday through the eyes of everyday people experiencing the extraordinary.

Though I read the book in one simple, sweet, and swift sitting I highly recommend putting this on your shelf until two weeks before Christmas and pulling it out every night with a cup of tea--or a glass of wine-- and enjoying your own little Advent Calendar of the season with one story a night.

Thank you to Wendy Clarke for providing this free ARC in exchange for an honest review. 


  1. Thank you for sharing my collection with your readers 😀.

  2. I am SO happy it's Christmas time!! I love the idea of an advent book :)

    1. It's never too early for Christmas, Julia 😀

  3. What a delightful book choice. I love Silent Night.

  4. Sounds like a lovely short story collection! I don't read many short stories but maybe I'll check this out closer to Christmas.

  5. I've been reading them and find it has been inching me towards holiday mode


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