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Finding Selah by Kristen Kill

The Book ✯✯✯✯

Kristen Kill's voice is authentic as she walks you through her own experience in finding selah while using Scripture to encourage your own journey into Christ's peace and rejuvenation. 

I rarely come across a book, even devotionals I have picked out specifically, that seem to speak to my very soul. Finding Selah, though, hit me in the deepest recesses of my heart. Kill is a mother that remembers how hectic bringing up little ones can be, she also has an identity away from "MOM" and that life outside of that title is just as grinding. 

Through thoughtful quotes, we are encouraged to get into the Word to examine what it means to find mindful peace and rest. That Selah in the Psalms is an instructional verb, not a noun. To take a beat, to find a rest, to listen in the silence. Some of the most profound: 

Somewhere between majesty and misery, heaven finds us in the barren wilderness of our deepest longings.
The echoes of Eden breathes into a dry and weary world and called out to dry bones to wake and to walk, to taste and to see what was good and right and lovely, to keep the feast.
The pause, the rest, the interlude is Jesus. Selah and Sabbath are a person.

Within these pages, you will find permission to rest and encouragement to move. You will find peace, and it is a beautiful thing that emerges. 

Thank you to NetGalley, Kristen Kill, and Zondervan for providing this free ARC in exchange for an honest review. 



  1. Wow! That's insightful. Sounds like a great book.

  2. Not my sort of thing but a great review nonetheless.
    Gemma @

  3. "Within these pages, you will find permission to rest and encouragement to move. You will find peace, and it is a beautiful thing that emerges."

    That sounds heavenly, especially as I am looking at four more things on my todo list for the day and it's about dinner time.

    1. Yes! I was in the same spot when I picked it up after a crazy busy day. It was wonderful.

  4. It's often so difficult for moms to give themselves permission to rest.

  5. This is awesome, as I sit here exhausted from lack of sleep and overwhelmed by just life. Trying to do too much and saying it's just a season. Rest sounds wonderful!

  6. I think I need this. I'm trying to find my pauses and this is exactly what I've been needing. Once again gorgeous review!!

  7. This cover is absolutely gorgeous!


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