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The Space Between Words by Michele Phoenix

The Book✯✯✯✯✯

"Endure with courage, resist with wisdom, and persist in faith." 

Ever so often you read a book that entangles your heart so deeply that you cannot walk away from the ending unchanged. The Space Between Words is one of those novels, team. The world of the seventeenth century tortured, terrorized French Huguenots meets the modern world of a tortured, terrorized soul and survivor of the French Bataclan attacks. As we unfold the mystery found within a sewing box full of archaic Bible passages hidden in the false bottom, we also find ourselves on the path to healing for Jessica.

It has realistic portrayals of PTSD while never mentioning the actual name. It shows that humans can be shaken without being shattered. And over and over again it shows the resounding resilience and courage and strength we can find in one another if we were to just reach out. 

At turns, your heart will hurt and rejoice. You will find evil and peace and in the end it is up to you to decide if all the pieces show that though evil abounds, God layers His good over it. 

Words can't really convey how beautiful this story really is. All I can say is that it is certainly one to snuggle up with on a rainy weekend day regardless of your belief or non-belief. Instead, allow your love of history to pique your interest.

Thank you to NetGalley, Michele Phoenix, and Thomas Nelson for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I tend to avoid religious genres but you have made this sound so interesting.

    1. It is colored in there, but it isn't beat-you-over-the-head. In fact, even at the end Jess isn't really sure what she believes.

  2. This sounds like a great read!

  3. I adore historical fiction and this sounds right up my alley. Being a believer or not doesn't matter when the story claims to be fiction right? Thats what I love about reading - it doesn't matter where you come from or what you believe in.

    Gayathri @ Musings Over Nothing

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Thanks for this honest review. It's amazing how reading a book can change our perspective.


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