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Trickery (Curse of the Gods, #1) by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington

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But really. There is very little plot to be had in Trickery. We're only at the surface of a very complex high fantasy world. Considering there are 5 books set to be completed, this makes complete sense. It is a reverse harem style following Willa and the five Abcurse brothers to whom she becomes attached. We begin to watch as the world Willa knows it unravels. Give this book a bit of time. I almost didn't want to finish it, but around the 20% mark it hooks you and won't let you go--I read it in a day during nap and after bedtime. And that meant I stayed up entirely too late, but went ahead and did the same thing the next night with Persuasion (Curse of the Gods, #2). There isn't a lot of action, there isn't a lot of drama, it is just the beginning and it is just world building, but the dynamic between the main characters makes up for it.

I don't know how they did it with no plot, and no real depth of characters in the first go round, but they did. And I apologetically love it. So do all the other 1,000+ 5 Star reviews on Amazon



She's loveable and klutzy and just chaos-inducing to the entire world around her. Her inner dialog is flipping hilarious, and though I don't laugh aloud often while reading, I laughed until I cried at a few spots.


Guys. I always ship a couple. Always. But I just can't with these guys. I love them all. I want them all with Willa--together. They need to all stay a unit because I just can't imagine another outcome for them. They're all perfection when together. They balance each other. And their banter is endearing to a fault.

FAMILY RATING: Careful here. There is no sex, but a ton of sexual tension. There is also language. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone offended by random F bombs or the S word.


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