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The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

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Kristin Hannah has done it again. Another spectacular historical fiction, The Great Alone is an instant classic that examines how young lives can stubbornly flourish in a land as deadly as it is beautiful.
Ripping your heart out and then piecing it together again, Hannah illuminates the reality of a dark family secret that the great long darkness in Alaska can dredge up from the depths. It reminds us that young love can be true love. And it is the picture of the strength of pioneer women.
While I adored this novel, the biggest issue I had with it was the use of 'Nam to give an explanation as to why Dad beat her mother. While PTSD is a true illness, and one many Vietnam veterans continue to suffer from, it was a disservice to those that came home broken but loving. While PTSD flashbacks can result in domestic violence issues where they still believe they are in a combat zone, this man was evil and rotting long before the war broke him fully. 
That being said, there a…

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