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Comes the Winter by Samantha St. Claire

The Book ✯✯✯✯
I needed it to be winter, like, yesterday. And since we're still slowly trekking our way to Autumn I was incredibly pleased to be able to read St. Claire's newest Sawtooth Range novel. 
A twist on the Mail Order Bride romance, what happens when the bride travels to the destination only to find her intended husband has died? St Claire explores this possibility with the likable, spunky Lena. 
Focusing on a dying gold boom town, we watch as Lena learns to love the people there and say goodbye while she stubbornly looks to wait out the winter in the ghost town.
Evan will be your next historical cowboy book boyfriend. Beautiful green eyes, perfect build, and a compassionate heart tie this adorable cinnamon roll together. 
I appreciated that while this novel hinted at the romance, it also took on the prejudice of prostitutes and how outright destain and loft do-gooding are on the same nasty, privileged level. And it was unapologetic with its importance of female and male fr…

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