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Bound to Gods by Eva Chase

The Book ✯✯✯✯

A character development novel following up the action-packed first book is exactly what this series needed. While the first book was fast and fun, Bound to Gods got into their hearts, minds, and memories. It made you begin to truly like Ari. To trust Loki. To appreciate Hod. To hurt for Bauldur. To see Thor as more than the hammer god. It made them relatable and loveable.  I still cannot wait for more!
As always, I had so much fun diving into the world of Ari, Loki, Thor, Hod, and Bauldur. They each have found their individual voices and it is a true reverse harem. My only complaint is I still have a favorite I ship, and I want to favor them all equally.
Just like the first, Bound can be read in one sitting. It's short, fast, and still builds an entertaining world. This time, instead of saving the world, the team has to save themselves and escape a prison of their own memories.
Thank you to NetGalley, Eva Chase, and Ink Spark Press for this free ARC in exchange for an…

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