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Hidden Among the Stars by Melanie Dobson

The Book ✯✯✯✯✯
WWII is the main stage for so many historical fictions--it still has all of the hidden gems needed to make interesting and catching stories. And in recent years, we've fallen in love in the media with very true retellings. Hidden Among the Stars is a brilliant and enticing mix of both.
Based off of a real castle and true history of hiding valuables for the persecuted Jews, Dobson provides us with a realistic feeling tale of good Christians just trying to do what's right by their Jewish brothers and sisters in a world gone mad--an Austria they no longer recognize.
While it could almost be read as a YA with the age of the main characters falling in their late teens, it is anything but. It beckons us to stand up to injustice. It begs us to remember. And it weaves a tale that will stick with you for days.
While we focus mostly on Annika in WWII, we also are introduced to Callie in present times. A loving woman, hurt and hiding behind her funky socks and Story Girl perso…

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