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Beneath a Prairie Moon by Kim Vogel Sawyer

The Book ✯✯✯✯
Sweet and sassy, Beneath a Prairie Moon is a fantastic summer read. If you enjoy clean Christian romances set in the Hallmark version of the Wild West, pick this up.
Sawyer transports us to the prairies of Kansas where the good, but highly uneducated men of a small town reside. While set as a Mail-Order-Bride romance, there is a twist. Abagail isn't a bride, instead, she is sent as a tutor to prepare the men of Kansas for the brides being sent to them. She is pompous and proud because those are the last things remaining from her shattered life in high society. Mack is just a dear. So much so, that I honestly wasn't sure I wanted the obvious pairing to happen.
But Sawyer worked her magic, and I came away loving each character and the arch they were given. The big baddie didn't really seem like the right villain, and he came a bit out of left field, but it still added the traditional danger and drama we've come to expect from Westerns.
Overall, while a bit …

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