Seduction by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington

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Oh, my GODS! The delightful Abcurse brothers and our endearing Willa are back after what felt like an eternal wait. I was so excited to pick up this one that it has been preordered from the day it was announced and I am now marking off the days to when I can read the next one because the Curse of the Gods series is just that good, y'all. It's just...bliss.

Seduction picks up where Persuasion left off. We get to see more world-building, and we finally get a glimpse into the boys allowing Willa to be a true and equal team member--capable of making her own choices and it was beautifully done. We also get to know the Neutral God much better in this book, and I like how I also feel very neutrally towards him. Kudos to the authors for such a brilliant balance.

It was another incredibly fast read, following the same fast pace and tightly edited web that Trickery wove. I fell more in love with all of the characters and honestly, was only left wanting more because I could never be given enough. Seduction has more action this time around, and we get to see more healthy and mutual romantic interaction within the reverse harem. I was also impressed that this one threaded serious tones into the sarcastic and cute overtones. Though I first fell or the overall sarcasm and joking that Willa handled everything with, it was gorgeous to finally see behind her wall and to watch how the Brothers shouldered her burdens.

And then that ending. I think I know where that is leading, and I cannot wait! But I won't mention any theories here for fear of giving anything away. In all, it's another perfect addition to the series.


  1. sounds lovely and like that cover - will be watching for your new banner

  2. I have seen the first book in this series. I have yet to pick it up though! This review makes me want to.

  3. I always love your photos! I have the first book in this series but haven't read it yet. Looks like I need to start soon!

  4. Curse of the Gods has been on my TBR for sometime, I love Jaymin Eve collaborations pieces.

  5. I have never heard of this author before but this one looks promising. Especially after seeing the book cover, it's so pretty!


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