Children of Daedala by Caighlan Smith

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Part Maze Runner, part something else entirely, Smith delivers an epic for the young adult genre. Complete with a strong female lead and characters shrouded in shades of gray, we're left in a world built on the continual feeling of WTF? 

Unfortunately, for the majority of the book this lends its hand towards making it dry, long, and confusing enough that we just don't care. We are thrown into a colorful world in the Labyrinth with descriptions of the different monsters and "Clara's" name for them. Beyond that, we have thoughts from her time before the labyrinth and I kept wondering if I accidentally jumped into the middle of a series without realizing it.

We have Fates, Harmonia, and Kleos. None of them are shining heroes that immediately deserve our loyalty as readers, but none of them are 100% evil. Because of this, you don't really know who to root for, and end up not really rooting for anyone but Fey Bell's small group of survivors.

We only had one question answered in Children of Daedala. ONE. I'm livid about that. But it was done well enough that I am now desperate for the rest of the answers and will be keeping an eye out for the sequel.

Should you read it? Maybe. If you like drawn out epics with lots of action, but so much mystery there seems to be no plot, go for it!4

Thank you to NetGalley, Caighlan Smith, and Capstone for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Not good when a book doesn't give you all the answers.

  2. I don't like being confused, I liked a good explanation of what's happening but the premise does sound interesting.
    Gemma @

  3. Sounds like a good book. Gonna have to check it out

  4. Fantastic graphics as usual, but based on your review... I can't function when I read dry books. I feel like I am on punishment when reading them.

  5. Bad world building does not a good book make. What a shame, the premise sounded so interesting.

  6. not my cup of tea, sounds tiresome to me, but some readers like that...

  7. I agree with the others, this may not be a book I want to read. I have a hard time pushing myself to finish a book if it doesn't grab me.

  8. Good read for a day where you do not know what to do then hehe

  9. I love the cover. I am not books that makes go WTF, I mean who would want to :P

    Gayathri @ Musings Over Nothing


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