Booking Your Weekend--Tuscan Roots by Angela Petch

For this weekend's plans, I have a new little twist for you! I am pleased to have author Angela Petch here to discuss her book, Tuscan Roots. You can find and follow her at her blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, and her Amazon Author Page. She has two ebooks that can be purchased Tuscan Roots and Now and Then in Tuscany. You can also purchase a paperback copy on Amazon here:
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Tuscan Roots is my first novel – a historical romance which I felt compelled to write. I am really fortunate to be able to spend several months every year in a beautiful, unspoiled area of the Tuscan Apennines where history whispers to me. I am particularly interested in WW2 because the Gothic Line passes right by our old watermill. This was a defensive barrier built by the German occupiers from the east to the west coast, partly using the mountains to stop the advance of the Allies. So every time I go for a walk along an old mule track or wander through a hilltop village, I imagine how it may have be…

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