Our Altered Life by Charlene Beswick

✯✯✯✯The book will be available on Amazon starting September 29th. I will add a link when it goes live.
In her beautiful debut novel, Charlene Beswick has told her story of grief and triumph in raising her twins, Harry and Oliver.
Harry is her sweet special needs son with Goldenhar Syndrome and Autism. Oliver is his fiercely protective brother. And Charlene is the strong and courageous mother moving mountains to bring her boys the best life she possibly can.
I cannot imagine the hurt and pain of being "welcomed to Holland," because my own child is a thriving, typical little one. But Charlene does a careful job of crafting a recipe of pure honesty with dashes of hope to which any mother can relate. She never shies away that the beginning was hard, or that life is sometimes still hard. She also spends quite a bit of time on how everything affected Oliver as the typical child. And her adoration for her children absolutely shines through the words on the page.
It isn't a lon…

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