Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown

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We start out with 16 year old Darrow. He is the lowest of the low on the class system totem pole as a Red. His wife is murdered in front of him, and so begins his rebellion and his metamorphosis into a Gold.

I cannot say enough about this book. It is descriptive and the world building is incredible. The way Brown helps you to feel right along with Darrow in his hatred for the Golds, and then his realization that not all people can be painted with such a broad brush--bloodydamn.

You have't read a dystopian like this, I can promise you. It is a believable new world that begins on Mars.

You haven't had an evil like this in a long time, I can guarantee it. You hate them. All of them. And then you don't. And you're not sure who the actual bad guy is. Because, honestly, only a few are actual bad guys. The rest are just working through a world they have been born into.

You haven't had a hero like--well, yes. You have. He goes from being th…

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